Let them be little

Let them be little


So sorry for my blogging neglect! I would say life has been super duper busy, but really, it hasnt been too bad. I am enjoying life every single day with my sweetie. We spend most days at home hanging out with each other. She is so alert and her naps are not as long during the day as they were. I am loving that. although, i dont get things done around here like i hope to. i managed to get 3 loads of laundry done the other day, and had all 3 clean loads sitting in baskets most of the day. I was not able to get to them because of spending as much time as i could with this little girl while she was awake.

she seems to be trying to smile at us sometimes. maybe gas? but it looks like she wants to smile. and it also seems like she really wants to talk to us. she makes such cute little noises.

she had her first trip to chuck-e-cheese last weekend. somehow, through all that chaos, she slept so peacefully! we went for my cousin's 6th bday! i will be SO OK with it if chuck-e-cheese is NOT annabelle's favorite place in the world. in fact, i am so ok with it if she really dislikes it. that place is nuts.

she also finally met my wonderful aunt pat, and my cousin pam and her 16 month old son. so, i guess we did have a pretty busy weekend last weekend. so fun though. do you have someone in your life that just seems to make your life richer? my aunt pat is that person. she always has been, but especially is now that i am a mommy. she enriches my life so much! she is such an amazing woman! i hope she knows how much i love and appreciate her! she is Annabelle's "Patty"!

Craig and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary yesterday! My parents came to babysit while we enjoyed time out! it was fantastic to go on a date with him. we talked about our crazy last 4 years and hope for at least 60 more of them!!!!!!!! :) ha. I love him! we are blessed and i am so thankful!

here are some pics...
me and annabelle wore matching bows to chuck-e-cheese. i figured that would be a good place to wear a childs hairbow!

and...craig and i going out for our date last night...

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