Let them be little

Let them be little


Lets try this again

I tried uploading a video for your viewing pleasure last night, but it did not work. I am trying again. You maay not think my baby bouncing around is as cute as I think she is, but I'm posting it anyways. :) I love it when she gets so active. PS...she will be ONE MONTH old tomorrow! I cant believe it! I do feel like she is growing up. She is much more alert these days, and seems to be actually focussing her eyes on specific things. I love it when she opens up those big blue eyes and looks at us. She melts my heart. She gets so smothered in kisses every day! I cant get enough of her. I am also VERY VERY thankful for the way she has been sleeping. I decided not to wake her for her feedings anymore, and see how it goes. the last 3 nights, she has slept solid for 4 to 4.5 hours before waking me up. I feel like that is a lot for her, and it is a good rest for me! Thank You, Annabelle!!!! Lord, please let this continue!


  1. This sounds like a conversation I have with Maddy too! She is super precious.