Let them be little

Let them be little


SNOW in Texas!

Its true. we got snow today, and it is still on the ground. I love it. Sunday was almost 70 degrees and sunny. I was wearing flip flops. Today, it is snowing the most GIANT chunks of snow ever! I have seen a lot of snow, i mean, living in Minnesota and all. But, the snowflakes here were the biggest i have ever seen. Of course, it wasnt below zero, so it was enjoyable to stand in it and let if fall on you. I had to take my little kiddos outside to play in it this morning. They probably have NEVER seen it, and it may be a while before they do again. anyways, here is a news video from my hometown....

OK, for BABY news! I am 32 weeks! :) I cant believe only 8 left. we had an ultrasound last week, and baby measured well. and she was over 3 pounds. still so tiny, even though sometimes, she feels so big rolling around in my belly. I also had a baby shower this past Saturday. I cant tell you what a blessing this shower was. Its amazing to see people from different parts of my life who care about me and my little one. We got some super duper cute things for her, and i can not even wait to see her wear some of the cute, very PINK outfits!!!!

I only have 2 weeks of work left after this one. that makes me pretty happy. We are moving soon, so i will use that time to pack and clean. crazy times!

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