Let them be little

Let them be little



2 days in a row again for posting! :)
i just got back from my appointments. They went well, i guess. I will find out the results of the glucose test in about 3 days or so. if i dont hear anything, then that is good news. I got to hear the heart beat, and it was good and strong. 14o's. Uterus is measuring like it should. Weight gain on track. So, everything looks pretty good. Peanut is kickin and movin right now as I write this. She is hungry I think. I havent been able to eat for the past 4.5 hrs. I guess that is just too long! :)

Here are the promised pictures....sorry if the bare belly ones are a little much. tell me if they are. I just think its so funny how my belly button is dissapearing! ha!

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