Let them be little

Let them be little


Close to 29 weeks!!!!

I am due for an update!! I dont have really much to update on. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, 2 actually. So, I decided a while ago to just take the whole day. cause, why not? i never take the day off. I have to do the Glucose testing to test for Gestational diabetes. I guess its something that we are just supposed to do. I also have a regular checkup. Hear the heartbeat, ya know, all that. THEN, my appointments will start to be every 2 weeks. That puts it a little more in reality how close this date is approaching when we will get to see our little Annabelle. I dont feel like my belly has grown a whole lot in the last couple weeks. Either that, or I am just getting used to it. I dont have a real recent picture to post, but will for sure try to get one up by the end of the week. Then, i can take your opinions too!
She is definitly a mover. Sometimes I feel her just pushing. not kicking or punching, just pushing her way out of the side of my belly. ha. its cute. if i feel at the right time, I can usually tell which side she is on. I really love feeling her.

I LOVE that it is February. I think I have decided it is my favorite month. January seems like such a waste of time. Nothing is happening. Its usually cold. There just isnt much to it. Except football. But, February! It holds my birthday, and Valentine's Day, my sister's birthday. I dont know, i just like it. The weather generally starts getting more spring like, in Texas that is. I am also looking forward to my shower, which is this month. I feel like it jsut might fly by. OH, and Craig and I are taking some Prepared Childbirth classes this month. I am interested to see how that goes.

I will try to get a picture posted of this belly as soon as i can. Hope you all are well!
11 weeks to go!!! yipes!

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