Let them be little

Let them be little


27 weeks! :)

This is the last official week of the 2nd trimester! It is getting so much closer to when we will get to see our sweet little girl! I have been so blessed that I have stayed well and have felt physically good! Also, since I have been back to work after Christmas, my class has been SO good! I have been thanking the Lord at random times during the day. The stress has not been what it was before. I am very thankful. I have been wondering when I should leave my job towards the end of the pregnancy. I dont even know what to expect, so I havent been sure what to say to my boss about it. So, that is something we are thinking and praying about. I am thinking I would love to be done beginning to mid march. Is that too soon? too late? I just dont know. I want to give them plenty of notice to find another teacher, though.

So, i finished the dresser! I found adorable knobs at Hobby Lobby. Here are the pics:
Dresser before! With Molly. :)

FINISHED!! I wanted to get all 6 big drawers with pink knobs. but, they only had 4. so, i got those white ones too. Do you like it?

And, here is Gabby. She has been LOVING this Texas weather. It feels like spring. we keep our windows open whenever we get the chance, and this is what she does all day! :)

Hope youre having a great week! And enjoy the WEEKEND!

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