Let them be little

Let them be little


Lovely Sunday Morning.

I could NOT sleep this morning, as much as I wanted to sleep in. But, I am ok with it, because it has been a nice morning. The sun is shining bright, and the Texas air is crisp. I did not have any coffee, so i drove down the road to Starbucks, and got a delicious cup. I think it was 7:30 or so. No one was in there, and no one was really driving around. It was nice. This morning just seems so peaceful. I made some cinnamon rolls (from a can) and turned on Charles Stanley.

Craig gets back in just a few hours and i can NOT wait! He has been gone for like 10 days! too many! I think that is maybe why I could not sleep. I am too excited to see him.

So, I made a registry on Target.com for a shower that we are having in February. I really really want a breast pump, but I am so unsure on what kind to get. Some of them are really expensive, and I think ones like that are more useful to working mothers. But, i do want an electric one. Does ANYONE have any suggestions? What should I be looking for in a pump? How much should I pay? I need help.

OH, the dresser is all finished. I just dont have any knobs for it yet. I wanted to get some new ones, and looked and looked for some yesterday but did not find any. I could just paint the ones that were on there, but I really wanted to find some cute, kind of girly ones. :) I will take pics of it as soon as its all complete!

Hope you are all having a great sunday. Im off to get my second cinnamon roll........ :)

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