Let them be little

Let them be little


Just a quick update as I am thinking of it!
This past weekend was so great with the girls. I miss them already. and a little vacation from work was SO NICE and SO needed! We had a great time, and I am so thankful!

ALSO......We are pretty sure that Craig felt Peanut kick the other night. I have been feeling some movement lately, which is so so neat! On sunday night, baby was really active I think. I had Craig put his hand there just in case, and moments later, he got a kick on his hand! He was pretty excited. I thought you might enjoy that fun news. Baby is getting bigger and bigger and that means momma is too. Seems to be just pokin out!

SO excited for Friday's ultrasound!!!!! Will update as soon as possible, but some of you might get a phone call first. Lets hope Peanut's in the right position to be seen!!

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