Let them be little

Let them be little


It's September!

Pretty excited to wake up to September today!!! Due date month. Been waiting for September since January. I might want to update the pregnancy questions at least every week till Skylar comes because my body and things seem to be changing a bit these days. I am feeling very in tune to these little changes and the strange feelings. 

How far along? 36+weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  around 20. I might not admit exactly how much. ;)
 Maternity clothes? Of course.  And even some of my maternity shirts are getting short.
Stretch marks? No

Best moment this week: Today was pretty great hanging out with just kiddos and my man.
Miss anything: I really want to sleep on my belly!
Movement: Yes.  So much. Some of it hurts,some of it is cute!
Food cravings: Not really right now.  I have been really wanting to bake lately, but I try not to even turn on the oven in the summer. It just heats up my kitchen so fast! Today, I caved and made a peach cobbler. I'm still just craving fall. I wanted to smell something baking and taste a little cinnamon. :) it was wonderful! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: heartburn is still just terrible. Not fun! 
Have you started to show yet:  duh! And she has dropped a bit, so my belly is looking a little different these days. 
 Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: Yes actually! As of Friday, I was dilated to a one and about 50% effaced. I know that doesn't mean much, and I could be like that for weeks, but I was happy to hear that I was making some kind of progress. Since Friday, I have had regular Braxton hicks contractions, nothing crazy. Today I am feeling a LOT of pressure in my pelvis and hips, and am getting some strange pains, but I know they are "good" pains. I can totally tell my body is getting ready and closer to labor! Makes me excited for the next few weeks!!! We'll excited and so nervous. 

  Belly Button in or out? in-ish. Almost flat 
Wedding rings on or off? I actually took it off yesterday. My hands have been swelling and I got nervous that they will swell more. Actually my feet, ankles, and calves also swell. They feel swollen most of the day, especially when I am on my feet a lot or outside in the heat.
Happy or Moody most of the time: totally both. :) :/ :(
Looking forward to: meeting our sweet baby girl in the next few weeks! Happy due date month to us!!!

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