Let them be little

Let them be little


38 (plus) Weeks!!!!

I have been cherishing time with these two sweet kiddos before their baby sister arrives.  With what energy I have, I try to do the things that I know they will enjoy.  Last week we went to the park and had such a fun time together.  This park is so peaceful to me, and always rejuvenates me.  When I can run, it is where I run.  I love that it is basically across the street from me.  I will never take this amazing park for granted.  
I am laughing already as I am about to type this next sentence.  Carter got attacked by a goose when we were there last week.  It was NOT funny to me at the time, but makes me laugh a little now.  Because, obviously, he is fine!  He was SO interested in this goose as it stood there and squacked at us.  I didn't like it, but carter was pretty fascinated by this bird that stood as tall as he did.  I kept telling him not to touch it, and to back up.  I was standing right by him, grabbing his hand to pull him further away from the damn thing, when it started attacking Carter.  He was basically pushing him with his yucky beak, and flapping his ginormous wings as I was trying to pull Carter away from him.  I started freaking out a little and kicking at it, and it ran off.  I scooped Carter up and he was crying and crying and holding on to my neck for dear life.  I set him down to check him out and make sure there was no bite or blood or anything, and it only took a minute for Carter to want to go back to playing.  But, I still shook for a good ten minutes!  Geez.  Stupid bird!!!!  It's funny as I replay it in my head, only because Carter did not get hurt, only scared, and I am sure that anyone who saw it may have laughed a little too.  But, I learned to stay away from them from now on.  Grrrrrr.

At the Park.  (after attack, and Carter is happy)
I love including them when I bake.  They loved sitting there watching me whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies!  

LOVE how Annabelles little legs just dangle over my belly...

This was last Thursday.  People keep telling me that I look small, and honestly, I do NOT feel small.  And, I realized that I am actually looking a bit smaller than I was before, and I realize it is because sister has been dropping very low.  She is SO low right now I wonder how shes not punching a fist out.  I know, TMI, but seriously.  I have gotten so uncomfortable in the last few days.  She wants to come out and join us!

This past weekend was quite exciting around this house.  Annabelle ended up with a stomach bug Friday night, which kept craig and I up pretty much all night.  She slowly got better Saturday.  Craig went to work on Saturday and called me around 2 to tell me this:
Craig: "Hey, I'm all done with work, but I had a little accident.  I think I broke my ankle and am driving to the emergency room."
Me: "Are you ok? What happened? Do you need someone to drive you?"
Craig:  Something about a ladder, and him being ok to drive, and that he would call me if I needed to come up there.  
Me: Uhhhhhhh. Ok. 

So, he ended up with a bad bad sprain, unable to walk on his ankle, and with an air cast.  For Craig to not be able to do all he wants to physically is such a challenge for him, but I basically made him stay on the couch ALL day on Sunday.  So this was me:

(Only not as smokin hot!)
I had to bust out super mom mode and get it all under control! God gave me energy and strength, and I was super thankful.  Now it's Tuesday, and I am EXHAUSTED.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  I need more of that super power.  I woke up feeling awful today.  Wondered if I had what Annabelle had.  I couldn't barely function. I am going to say that what I have is either something I ate, or my body really preparing for labor.  Whatever it is, it sucks.  Luckily, my family is close by, and Lisa came to my rescue today.  She took Annabelle to school and hung out at my house with me until I felt better.  And, I do feel a bit better now than I did this morning.  I'm tired and wanting a break, and that makes me actually excited for being in the hospital.  I am hoping that it is a break from the every day demands.  I'm just trying to catch my breath.  I should put myself to bed EARLY tonight!!

How far along? 38+ weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  A little over 20 lbs. Had lost a couple at my last appointment.  Don't know how thats possible with the amount of ice cream i eat. ;)
Stretch marks? No. :) I have used coconut oil again this pregnancy.
Best moment this week: Annabelle started preschool again last week, and she LOVES it.  I love that she gets the opportunity to be somewhere where people love and care for her.  The teachers are amazing, and Annabelle was so happy last week!  :)
Miss anything: Yes.  Putting on my pants like a normal person.  I can't even dress myself.  whaaaaaaa.
Movement: Yes.  She moves around MOSTLY in the evenings when I am relaxed.   I LOVE to feel her move. Love it.
Food cravings: NO!!! Especially not today.  I have had saltines and a rice cake. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes.  About everything today.  
Labor Signs: Wondering if what I have right now is a sign?  Other than that, I still get lots of 'practice' contractions, and have been feeling a LOT of pressure in my pelvis. 
  Belly Button in or out?  out actually.  weird.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. Still trying to make it happen, but I need to keep it off.  My feet and hands are almost always swollen.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Been doing good, but feeling pretty drained today. 
Looking forward to: Feeling my water break, or having some 'real' labor signs!  Let's get this show on the road.  

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