Let them be little

Let them be little



I'm really wondering HOW there could possibly be any more room in my belly for this boy.  I'm incredibly anxious to meet him, and have him on the OUTSIDE. :)  We went for an ultrasound a few days ago, and according to their estimations, he is about 6lbs, 13oz.  Are you kidding?  He is already bigger than Annabelle was when she was born.  So is my whole body.  It's pretty exhausting.  The more time that passes, the more I am ok admitting that I am "over it".  But, I am doing my best to soak up the sweet moments, and every moment I can with just Annabelle.  Trying to think positive here.  Texas is HOT, this baby has no more room, and Annabelle is BUSY, which means momma is worn out.

Some pics....
My pregnant sister and me!  

35 weeks!

one of my faves from the 4th

watching fireworks!  Annabelle's reaction to fireworks totally made my year!  She was up way past her bedtime, and was falling asleep in her stroller before they started.  But, as soon as she saw the first one, she shot up and cheered, saying, "HORRAY!" It was so adorable.  It was one of those moments I wish I could never ever forget, and keep a video log in my brain somewhere.  Pictures were not turing out well, and one video was taken where all you hear is her cheers, but no picture.  So, hopefully I never forget her face.  It was so so cute. 

A baby shower we threw for my sister a couple weeks ago.  It was funky and colorful and Dr. Seuss like.  It was super fun.  :)

I think, just think, we are closer to a name for this little boy. I know I say that every time.  We have been asking Annabelle to say certain names, and most of them she doesn't even attempt.  (she really has no clear as day words yet, so this is a big deal) There is ONE name that she almost clearly says just about every time we ask her, or she says if we ask her what her baby brother's name is.  It's pretty cute.  So, maybe we will end up going with that.  I still think I need to meet him, but if Annabelle wants to name him, I might be ok with that.   ;)

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