Let them be little

Let them be little


Big Day

I tossed and turned all night last night, and my stomach was in knots. Today we had our first big ultrasound. Of course, I was so super excited to find out what we were having, but I was so anxious and ALL I cared about was to hear of a healthy baby. Ultrasounds with my pregnancy with Annabelle were always a little tough. I would NEVER change the experience if I was given the option, but it was still hard. All morning, I was high energy and and taking a lot of deep breaths. I have prayed and prayed that the Lord will keep this baby safe and help it to develop properly.

Thanks to Pinterest and youtube, I decided to make the gender reveal a little more exciting than a text. I invited my family over to have a small party so that we could share the surprise. I wanted to invite more people, but knew in the back of my mind that if the ultrasound went anything like the last pregnancy, I would ONLY want family here. SO, it was small and fantastic. I captured a few pics of the party...
(the pics somehow got a little out of order, but oh well.)
The group proudly wearing their TEAM BLUE bow ties.

Craig doesnt really enjoy pictures, but I thought he looked cute.

The voting. NO ONE chose pink. I was kind of surprised.

Belly Pics! (I think I was laughing at craig here.)

With the Suprise cupcake. (I had them all bite into the suprise cupcakes at the end of a game that I made up. We played SCHMIDT TRIVIA, and I asked 20 questions all about Craig, Annabelle and me. It was pretty fun.)

PREGNANT SISTERS! It's so awesome to be doing this together, only about a week apart!


The "WEAR YOUR VOTE" hairbows and bowties. No one wore a hair bow.


We feel very blessed with a healthy baby. I was praising Jesus during that ultrasound. I was shocked how quickly it went actually. Annabelle's ultrasounds took so so long. I couldn't be more thankful for today and how faithful and good God is to us. A BOY! What do I do with a BOY? Annabelle is going to be the greatest big sister to him. I cant wait to see it. I prayed that God would give us a sibling for Annabelle that He knew she needed. Now, I really can't wait till August!

Here's a video of the reveal. They were all a little excited! :)

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