Let them be little

Let them be little


2011 Highlights

Last night's post didn't seem like a good New Year's post to me. Every January 1st, I love looking back over the highlights of the year. So, month by month highlights are due.


January- Went to my first MOPS meeting. MOPS has been such an encouragement in my life. I met amazing people and Craig and I finally found a place we felt comfortable enough to call "our church". Also in January, Lisa found her wedding dress. And, i also remember the weather being super gorgeous. Annabelle went to a cardiologist appointment, and I think it was the first time she got an EKG. She did great.

February- One of my most favorite months!! My birthday and Valentine's Day, both made special by my husband. We also got SNOW in Texas, which was exciting for the day that it lasted. :) Super Bowl Sunday was spent at our house with a little party/shower for Lisa and Jordan.

March- Craig's birthday month! March is also Spring Break. (I celebrate every school holiday because my mom and my sister work for the school district. When they are on holiday, I am too!) During spring break, we went to Fredericksburg, one of my most favorite places, and celebrated St. Patty's and had a bit of a bachelorette celebration for Lisa!

April- Busiest month of 2011. Annabelle's month, and Lisa's wedding. SO many memories! We celebrated Annabelle at the park, and it was an awesome first birthday party! I loved it. The next week was spent with parties, reahearsal and WEDDING. One of the best weddings I have ever been to. But, it was for my best friend, so of course it was amazing. My mother in law was here for the busiest week ever, and made my life so much easier. She was such a blessing, and I am so glad she was here!

May- My 2nd Mother's Day. It felt like another birthday, and it was fantastic. We also celebrated our 5 year Anniversary. I don't even remember what we did, but I love our anniversary because it makes me think of our wedding. Of course. I loved our little wedding. One of my favorite days of all time.

June- SUMMER! Lisa was officially off of school, which means we got to hang out more! We went to a Beth Moore Bible Study every Monday at my church, and the study was really great. Lisa and I also went to the REAL ALE Anniversary party for the 2nd year, and this time, we brought our men! It was SUCH a fun day! We also went swimming a lot!

July- 2nd Annual party at our house for the 4th! Annabelle had an ECI evaluation, where her scores looked great! The same week, she had a cardiologist appointment which brought GOOD NEWS of a wonderful heart. We also took a trip, Annabelle's first plane ride, to MINNESOTA! One of the best weeks of the year.

August- My big sister FINALLY moved home!! It's been amazing living close to her again. We also went to Fredericksburg again for the annual Grape Stomp, which ended up being a super fun day with the sisters, and Russo! :)

September- Everyone was back in school, and summer officially over. I started babysitting for some sweet little tiwns, and Annabelle had a blast with them We looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays with the kids. Annabelle also had her first eye doctor appointment, which also brought good news of healthy little eyes!

October- Finally got my top wisdom teeth out. Not really a highlight, but it's done! My mother in law came to town to speak at MOPS and to attend Buddy Walk for the 2nd year. That was the best week of the month, and again, such a blessing to have her here! If you read my Buddy Walk post, you know that it was amazing this year. I am still so thankful to the people who came to support my most incredible little girl!

November- The best part of November was Thanksgiving. We spent the day in Dallas with LOTS of family. It's always really great to see this part of family that we don't get to spend a whole lot of time with. I love my cousins!
(and, sadly, I don't have any pictures. Gotta ask around I guess.)

December- This past month really flew by. Like the rest of the year did. We spent Christmas at our own home, which was the first time for Craig and I. We are usually traveling, which is fun, but it was nice to stay in one spot this year. We spent Christmas morning at our house with my parents and sisters. The past 2 weeks have been Christmas break for me and Annabelle, playing almost every day. Now, again, everyone is back to school, and it's back to normal.
(AND, I also have not uploaded any Christmas pictures yet. So, when I do, I will stick one on here.)

We are looking forward to this next year, and what it has for us and our little family. I am anxious to see Annabelle continue to grow and learn, and am ready to see her take some steps! She brings SO much joy to our lives. What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

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