Let them be little

Let them be little



"Lord, as I hold her in my arms and kiss her tiny fingers
I wonder if anyone in all the world
Has ever been as happy as I am now.
She's like a tiny poem
SHORT but beautiful-
And several years from now she'll be a story.
Lord, I'm trusting you to write the plot.
Then at last she'll be a book-length novel
Translated into many languages.
I am confident of this, Lord
For You are both Author and Publisher."
-Ruth Harms Calkin

Read that yesterday, and it was almost if I had written it myself.

There is nothing on the agenda today, and I love that. The "no agenda" days have been happening more often lately. In the recent past, days like this bothered me, and I felt super bored. Now, I cherish them. :) Today, I plan to not leave the house, make some hairbows, make some food to store in the freezer for Annabelle, and hang out with my little girl. She keeps me busy.

Little girl is 19 months and only has 2 teeth grown in fully. NOW, she has about 2 or 3 coming in at once that I can see and feel. I think this is making her a little more sassy lately. Sassy and grumpy. Makes it difficult sometimes to know when to discipline for behavior or to comfort and have major compassion on her. It's like she wants to say to me, "Gosh, mom, growing is a tough job. Give me a little break." And, most likely I will give a hug rather than a little flick on the cheek. ;)

It's been a while since pictures. So, I finally got around to it:

Playing in the rain.

Passed out on Aunt Rachel's shoulder. This was adorable. We braved a rainy day to go to the Christmas parade in our town. It's tradition. Rain and cold won't keep people from their traditions here! :)

Girlfriend "helped" me decorate for Christmas. Santa hat lasted about 3 seconds.

Just cute.

SERIOUSLY entertains herself in this mirror!

Playing in a box.

On a walk with daddy!

THIS picture is from April at my sister's wedding. I crack up every time I look at it. She looks hilarious. I had put little spongy rollers in her hair, and when I took them out, I did not get what I was hoping for. Ha. It looks like she was as surprised as I was. We made it work.


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