Let them be little

Let them be little



Even with her face full of food, she is still SO beautiful. She is the MOST beautiful thing I have ever seen! Today, I was feeding her lunch, and we were both giggling and I couldn't get over how much I just love this little girl. There are definitely moments where my heart swells and feels like it might burst. These are some of my most favorite pictures. Taken with a cruddy phone camera, and in the middle of lunch, but it captured this heart-swelling moment.

I guess while we're at it with the meal time pictures, check out this series of pics capturing this gal try to feed herself with a spoon. :) Everything she does makes me proud!
(she was a little upset when I stopped feeding her, but it didn't last long when she realized she was pretty awesome at it herself.)

Please forgive momma for this messy hair do. Bath time was to follow so I didn't try. ;)

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  1. Oh, the third shot from the bottom is TOO MUCH! Can't stop giggling. What a sweet little bit she is.