Let them be little

Let them be little


Summer SuMmEr sUmMeR

Annabelle is at SUCH a fun age! She seems to be enjoying and appreciating things SO much! She understands certain things more and she tries to tell me how she feels all the time. Today after nap, she sat with me on the couch and just told me story after story. Craig and I were cracking up. Some of the stories seemed so serious! and some so funny! We are loving it! I look forward to when she can actually talk. I am sure she will be entertaining.
Today has been awesome. Craig and decided this morning to not leave the house all day. To not call anyone to come hang out. (not that we dont LOVE to have people over, we do!) To just sit around as a little family and enjoy a day of rest. It's been so great. SO, therefore, I have time to sit down and write. I would like to update this blog more often, i just don't find, or make, a lot of time for it.

Now that my sister is off for the summer, it also means that it is summer for US!! The first week was so fun. We took Annabelle to a water park, and swam at Lisa's pool at her apartment, which by the way is PERFECT for Annabelle! Last summer, we didnt take Annabelle in the sun much. We didnt really have a place to take her swimming. This year, like I said, she enjoys things more. She LOVED the pool and LOVED the water park. And what a CUTE water baby she is....

And of course, I have to post one of the latest nap time pics.

She wrapped herself up in a little cocoon, and snuggled to sleep. I had to unravel her carefully, but snapped a pic first!

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  1. All the water pics are so cute! And what fun swimsuits she has! Love the little duckie two piece! :)