Let them be little

Let them be little


Merry Christmas!

It's true, this Christmas definitely shaped up to be one of my favorites in all my 27 years. The week has gone by way too fast, and I am so not ready for it to be over. I am incredibly thankful and SO blessed by the people I have been spending time with. I love them all!

A few years ago, 3 I think, I wrote a blog on an old site I had about my Christmas of firsts. A Christmas that followed an incredibly awesome and incredibly stressful year. But, I wrote in reflection on all the amazing FIRSTS of that Christmas day. I have been searching for my old blog for like 20 minutes and couldnt find it. But, i just found it, so i am reminising. It was written in 2006. Here is the list of firsts from 2006:
A Christmas for 'firsts'...
First Christmas in 23 years away from my family.
First Christmas married
First Chrstmas with Craig
First WHITE Christmas.(very poofy white...i love it)
First Christmas with someone else's family
First different Christmas of MANY!

This year I have a different list of FIRSTS.
First Christmas in Minnesota. (yes, I know. we lived here for over 3 years, and this is the first we have spent it here.)
First Christmas with a child.
First Christmas with JUST the immediate Schmidt family.

I am sure there are more firsts. But, anyways.

I am LOVING this moment. I am sitting in the cozy log cabin the Schmidt parents call home, watching snow fall on these ginormously tall trees. It's gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Hang, on, Ill take a pic out the window and try to get it on here...

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I mean overwhelmed because I dont know how to express my Thankfulness to Jesus, or to the people in my life.

Annabelle is the greatest gift Craig and I have ever recieved. i never even thought up asking for something so amazing. I never pictured having a child would be as incredible as it is.

Poor babe seems to be coming down with a little cold or something. she had a rough night of sleep and has been a little more sensitive, so we are praying it doesnt get worse. she has not been sick since leaving the hospital, so if she is, it will be a learning curve for all 3 of us. GOSH I love her! and again, SO thankful to be surrounded with people who also love her.

and...I have a new found love for scrunchies.

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