Let them be little

Let them be little


My friend, Rachel Russo is a fantastic photographer and happened to be passing through my area this week. She took a few minutes to capture some fantastic pictures of my beautiful little girl! I love them and I wanted to post just a few.

She also took some great pictures of the hairbows I have been creating, and I have opened and ETSY store. It is in the beginning stages, and I am seeing it takes a bit of work to make it all happen. I have listed only 4 bows for now to see if they sell. I would love to make some sort of profit from the work I put into these bows!! We'll see! I also just finished my wine cork board last night.

I am pleased with it. Lone blue cork and all! :)
Hope you are all having a great week. Today , I have an itch to create, so that is what my plans are for the remainder of the day!

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  1. Katie, I stumbled on your blog last month and have loved seeing those adorable pictures of your sweet little Annabelle! The wine cork board looks cool too--good luck selling the bows! Be sure to link to your etsy page...I'd love to check them out! Lisa (Stabile) Logan