Let them be little

Let them be little



Annabelle and I just got back last night from a little trip to see family in the "Big D". It was such a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends, and people who love and adore my little preciousness!!! This week, we are preparing for a LONG road trip "home" to Minnesota. I am getting really excited about it, but also super nervous and anxious. i get like that when i know i will be out of my "comfort zone." I know SHE will do great, its me who gets all weird. We are driving, and i am not sure how a 3 month old will do in a car seat for that long. I just look forward to actually GETTING there! im so excited to see friends and family when we are there. and i am very happy that Craig will be so happy to be there. he works so hard every day and deserves a long vacation. I am so thankful for him and all his hard work. Annabelle and I are lucky girls.

So, I have been thinking about "Schedule". I have never had a baby, or been around many babies. so, of course, all of this is a learning process. i have been around a LOT of 3 year olds, so I feel that stage of life MIGHT come a little easier, but its THIS stage of life that I need advice and a little guidance. I have been thinking so much about how i want to TEACH now so that i dont have to CORRECT later. Does that make sense? I am thinking about a baby schedule now, because of how much more alert she is. She is not a "newborn" anymore who needs no schedule. She doesnt just sleep and eat anymore. She needs play, stimulation, interaction. I have been thinking of this because I had people ask me what kind of schedule she is on. I have just been letting HER make her own schedule during the day. I thought that was ok, but now i am questioning it. I let her eat when she wants to, nap when she wants to, and snuggle or play when she wants to. It has gone great in my opinion. our days seem well balanced and run smoothly. BUT, is it time that I have SET naptimes? SET eating times? how does that work? I dont want to eventually regret not making more of a schedule, and then fight to make one. Do i start now? anyways, i have been encouraged to read about it. so, maybe i will. I just feel like reading about things like that, just makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Babies are all different. wont it just be more frustrating for me and for her if i force certain things into our day? I dont know.

One thing is, I know she is ready to sleep in her own room. I plan on making that work when we get back from our vacation. maybe its more me who hasnt been ready to let her sleep in there yet. She sleeps SO good at night, that I wonder if she is in there by herself, that I will just sleep through something that she might need. I want to be a laid back mom, but also very active in direction and guidance. I hope I can find a good balance of that. Any advice or good books to read, PLEASE let me know.

Something else I have been thinking of...Friends. Lifelong Friends. There are people in my life, and people i see in Craig's life who we consider lifelong friends. These are people we may not talk to for a while, but still hold so dear to our hearts. There are those in my life who I have lost so much touch with. BUT, still consider to be a best friend. I have been thinking about how amazing it is to have these kinds of people in our lives. When something rocks our world, something maybe tragic or just plain sad, we are always 'there' for each other. we may not have talked in a few months, or even years, but will always be someone to cry with, or laugh with, and share craziness of life with. I love these relationships. Just because you dont talk to someone every day, or see someone in a few years, doesnt mean you arent super duper close with them. There is something that connects you to certain people in life. I have such a deep love and care for these people and want them to know that if there is EVER anything I can do for them, if there is a time I can just BE there, I will! and I know the same is for them.


  1. Katie - ah the joys of thinking you should be on more of a schedule, and as much as you may try - your baby may resist it, or love it! I have a bit of both. I would recommend the BabyWise books - you may have heard of them. I don't love and abide by everything in them, but they are really good with working on a schedule. And I've learned for us, that it isn't so much the exact time every day, like what time to go down for morning nap, but that it always falls about 1 1/2 - 2 hours after he wakes up in the morning, is the ideal time to lay him down, therefore often depending on how the night went, and how late he slept in, or early he woke up. I also read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", again I don't agree with everything, but has some good things that are worth considering. Love reading your updates on your precious Annabelle!

  2. I read your blog and wanted to post a comment. I have an 11 month old daughter that was born with Down syndrome. I have older children as well. My advice is "go with what works for you". You mentioned how happy Annabelle Grace is. How happy you are with her. That means that you are doing the right things...whatever they are. Trust your instincts as her Mother. If you think that things are going great, stick with them. You can make adjustments as you feel they are needed. Every child is different and you live in a different environment than others. You have to go with what works in your situation. We have what I call routines for the day. Our morning routine looks the same each day, although it happens at different times. Same for our bedtime routine. The children have the same responsibilities and activities at bedtime, it may just happen at a different time. It works for us. We are happy. That is the main thing. Your little one is beautiful! She is happy! You are happy! Keep doing what you are doing!

    Tina in TX

  3. Hi Katie!
    I'll throw my two-sense in on scheduling! :0)
    I'm not really fan of it, especially with infants... I think as long as you are getting everything in during the day (naps, feeding, play time) and you're both happy and balanced then do what feels right! I personally don't think babies need to be over sturctured (most of them anyway, of course, every baby is different). I was big on 'going with the flow' for my kids... and they ended up falling into their own patterns. Just do what you feel is right!
    (I like what the previous poster said about more 'routine' than times, we have a lot of that going on too in our house)
    One doctor I do really like is Dr. Sears... I have a couple of his books I will look for for when you come up here. He also has a very extensive website. I haven't followed EVERY thing he talks about but overall I really like his philosophies. You're doing great honey, I can't wait to see you guys and talk more!

    Ashley Besser