Let them be little

Let them be little


Minnesota, here we come!!!

i should NOT be sitting down on the computer right now, I have lots to do! We are leaving this evening for our long long road trip to MN. I am really excited, and SO happy for Craig right now. He is sooooooooooo happy to be going "home"! I know that feeling because I lived away from my home for 4 years! Its so fun to go back.

I wanted to give a little update on my sweet little girl. We had both and E.C.I. appointment this week, and an appointment with a Geneticist. Her ECI was great! They did an official evaluation and she had great scores. She scored 4 months in a lot of things. I am SO proud of her. They said she is motivated, and I know she gets that from her Daddy. Her feisty spirit is what i keep saying is a "Schmidt thing". I am thankful for her motivation! She is so funny. They will be coming out to work with her mostly right now on her gross motor skills. We figured that was what the main thing would be right now. DS kids have that lower tone to their muscles, and although she is strong, there are some things that need to be worked on. Later on as she continues to develop and and grow, they might see more areas that need some attention, but since she is so small it is hard to tell. one step at a time right?

Her other appt was good, too. The doctor was really encouraged with how well she is doing and growing. She had no real concerns. I wasnt sure what an appointment with a Geneticist would do for us, but it was encouraging. She is there for encouragement to parents with special needs children. I am thankful for just one more recourse for questions and support. Annabelle now weighs 11.5lbs. She is in the 50-75% for length, I dont remember how long she is, sorry. I have to go look at it. BUT, i am so proud of my growing little butter ball! YAY for good reports this week.

PLEASE keep our little family in your prayers today and tomorrow especially. We have a very long drive ahead of us. I am hoping Annabelle does well. Leaving at night to let her sleep as much as she can seems to be the best thing for HER, but might be harder for mommy and daddy to stay alert and awake. Please pray for our safety, and our health. My sister has MONO, and is with Annabelle and me every day! I have been feeling a little funny the last week or so, but maybe its all in my head since I know that there is something going around. Please pray for our immune systems to work over time!!!!! We want to so enjoy this vacation.

ok, i have GOBS of things to do! gotta go do them!

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