Let them be little

Let them be little


Wishful Thinking?

Here is a pic at 38 weeks. I can tell by looking at pictures that she is so much lower than she was before.

SO, I kinda thought last night that i was in an early stage of labor. After going to sleep and sleeping through the night, I guess I wasnt. I had really consistent contractions that were pretty strong for over 2 hours. The whole day actually, i was feeling a lot going on. I have had a few of those contractions today, but nothing like last night. People tell me, "oh, you will just KNOW when you are in labor". I guess I just stay home and wait till contractions get so bad that I want to cry? I dont know. I just dont know what to expect. I dont want to go into the hospital and get sent home at all.
Anyways, I wanted to get a post in just in case it really is my last post till the baby comes. That is probably some wishful thinking, too, huh? we will see!!!!!!!!!

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