Let them be little

Let them be little


Does that really say 14 weeks to go! ----->

Peanut has been so active today! I think it is because she must miss Craig. He has been in Minnesota since Friday. I wish I could be there with him and see the people that he is visiting. But, i am so glad that he has this opportunity to be there. A good vacation before peanut comes!
While he is gone, I am doing a small nursery project. We have decided to get a white crib, and found one we like at Target. I do not want to spend money on a changing table because I like to have things that I know I will use for a long time. Craig has a dresser that he has had since he was a kid. He even wrote his name on one of the drawers inside with a red crayon. The dresser has been all over the place, and you can tell. It is a little worn looking, and it has been basically hidden in our closet. I decided it was the perfect height for a changing table, so i am painting it white! I am going to search for some adorable antique hardware to put on it as well. I am so itching to set up this nursery! I have the crib sheet set, which i got last week, and I love it! I have some fun ideas of ways to decorate her room! Cant wait. I will try my best to take pictures of the process. I took a couple of the dresser before and will take some after.

I just wanted to share something that I was challanged with yesterday. I was watching Charles Stanley, and his message was about obedience. He mentioned how amazing Noah's faith and obedience was when he was told to build the ark. There was NO REASON for him to think he would even need an ark. or a boat of any kind. People made fun of him, and also did not understand why. But, he did it. He obeyed, without knowing what the outcome of his obedience would bring. I have such a hard time making decisions unless I see what will happen after the decision has been made. I was challanged by the decision Noah made to just simply OBEY! And, then, obviously God proved His faithfulness. I love it. I pray I can have faith and a heart of obedience like Noah.

SO, here are some pictures taken only a little over a week ago. at 24 weeks! I am 26 weeks this week!

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