Let them be little

Let them be little


Boy or Girl?

The subject of the sex has been on my mind a whole lot lately. I have friends and co-workers telling me all of their ideas and guesses. I would say right now that MOST people are thinking boy. I wont say right now what I think. But, we have 2 1/2 weeks to find out! I am really hoping that peanut is in the right position and all that! I am anxious.
The month of November brings some exciting times! A week and Tina and Brittanie will be here. I am excited to hang out with them for a few days.
Then, the big seeing the baby day.
THEN, Thanksgiving! I get Thanksgiving Day and the day after off, so that will be nice. A 4 day weekend.
Tomorrow marks 16 weeks....4 weeks and we are half way there! I watched some baby videos this week of what happens to your baby immediately after delivery. It made me a little teary to watch them, thinking about how REAL all of this is! I have been a little emotional lately. I hear that goes with pregnancy. A little irritable too to be honest. Work has been one of the last places I want to spend my time. I have so much of my personal life on my mind all the time.

OH, I DID read today that peanut may be able to hear us now. That is kinda fun. so, now we can really start talking to him/her!!!

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