Let them be little

Let them be little


Sick again

Just in case any of you are reading today.......
I woke up yesterday (sunday) morning feeling a little funny. Anyway, I ate breakfast and was fine, but then later took a nap, woke up, and ate soup. I have not kept anything down since breakfast yesterday , not even fluids. I got a little worried this morning when i woke up still so sick. So, i called my doctor and she prescribed me an anti nausea med. If it doesnt work by then end of the day, they suggest i go into the ER because they will need to hydrate me.
I think it is so weird that I dont have morning sickness vomiting, but the last 2 times i have gotten sick, it has been so bad. This time seems worse. I feel like I have every symptom for the flu but no fever, as far as I know. I am hoping it is nothing too bad. I want to eat, but am a little scared to. I will update at the end of the day or sometime tomorrow. Thanks for prayers.

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