Let them be little

Let them be little


a prayer request

Hey friends. This week has been super rough for me. I got pretty sick yesterday and couldn't keep anything down. I am assuming it is the morning sickness i have heard o so much about. Its just hitting me now, in my 9th week. I had to take off work most of yesterday and then today to recover from the day yesterday. I am getting very worried that if it continues, I will have to take more work off, which is not something i want to be doing. Please pray that the nausea subsides very very soon and that this is all short lived.
Also, it is flu season. my doctor told me that it is very important that i call if i am even just exposed to the flu right now. I am assuming i am going to get the flu shot soon. But, again, i am very nervous about my health over the next 8 months. I know I should be trusting the Lord with all of this, but I am still concerned.
Other than that, I think peanut is doing well. 31 weeks to go!

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