Let them be little

Let them be little


Peanut Pictures!!!

The doctors appointment yesterday went really well! Its funny how for ONCE in my life i am actually a bit excited to go see the Dr. Usually, I hate it, but this is exciting.
So, here is the first view of the little sweetie. I cant really even figure out what is what. But, all I know is that this a side view. The left is the head, the right is the body. About the same size. haa. We could see the little heart beating, and we heard it, which was so amazing. I thought for sure I would start crying, but I didnt until we toured the labor and delivery room. The hospital is SO nice, and the delivery rooms looks so comfortable. All rooms are private, and the baby gets to stay in there the whole time, while nurses come to take care of us both. It became a little real when I saw the place where I would first see our baby. :)
ps..you can click on the pictre to see a bigger view!

THIS next picture, is how we first found out! 4 weeks ago! i had to take 2 just to make sure, then i took another one that was digital that said' PREGNANT'.

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