Harvey's Got Me Thinkin'...

Been a while since a post.  But, I am feeling really passionate right now, and need to get it out! This might get long.  I don't care. I'm a rambler.

As you know, my sweet state of Texas has been pummeled by tropical storm, Harvey.  With this storm many have lost their homes, some have lost their lives and there is SO much devastation.  I have been in tears watching the news coverage, just knowing that lives have changed forever.  It's so sad.

Let me back up just a little bit before I get in to the reason I sat down to write.  My sweet little family took a little vacation a couple of weeks ago to the gorgeous state of Minnesota.  We had a wonderful, delightful time with people we love so much and left on a good note.  We headed home on a Monday morning, around 4:30 AM or so.  After a LONG day of driving, we pulled in to the driveway at almost midnight.  We were exhausted.  Exhausted, happy to be home safely and ready for our own, cozy beds!!  Craig opened the door with one sleepy kiddo in his arms, and I trailed behind with another sleepy kiddo.  He immediately turned around and said, "oh no, we have a problem".

Welp, THAT'S not what you want to hear when you come home. EVER.  Much less after a long trip.  Long story short, the ceiling in our living room was leaking in a few places.  Like a lot.  Our couch had remnants of sheetrock from a small part of the ceiling coming down.  Come to find out, the AC upstairs had backed up at some point while we were gone.  And flooded. And leaked. And gross.  The carpet in the living room was pretty much ruined and the room smelled terrible.  So, that came up pretty quick and is garbage.  We have been living on cement floors in the living room, but it hasn't really been that bad.  Not pretty, but livable for now.  ;)

This past weekend, Craig finally got the time to rip out the ceiling.  Like, the whole ceiling in the living room.  Our tiny dining room has also become living space, with a loveseat and coffee table.  Our dining table pushed up against the kitchen island, losing a few spots to sit.  The living room is off limits, with each entry way covered up with plastic to prevent dust from getting in and kids from getting out.  A real adventure over here, y'all.  We do have a playroom on the first floor, so that is where we spent a whole lot of time this past weekend.

Harvey brought rain to our part of Texas ALL weekend.  Such a good time to be "demo-Day-ing" a house right?!?!?  We cray.  While in the playroom with the kids on Saturday morning, I stepped in something wet.  Assuming the kids had spilled something, I began to ask and blame.  Then something dripped on my head.   Another leak, y'all!!!!!  And over the weekend as rain clouds just lived over our house, it got worse and worse.  (eye roll)  With the ceiling all opened up in the living room, we also spotted about 3 leaks that we didn't know about.  YAY!  (eye roll) . So, sweet Craig climbed up on the roof yesterday, in the rain, to figure out a solution.  He came back in and said to me, "Well, I think I fixed them.  I put about a gallon of it up there".  I just nodded and said something like, "ok, that's good", while in my mind I was all, " A GALLON OF WHAT?! I have no idea what he's talking about, but he sounds sure and confident, so ok, good".  Well, come to find out later last night after asking him about it, he put some sort of tar for the roof that is meant for stuff like this.  Whatever, i don't know.  All i know is that whatever my mighty man did up there fixed the problem.  Even if it's just temporary.

Ok, sigh, all of this story is to share with you my "feelies" today about what's going on in the Schmidt Castle and how all these happenings with Harvey are so heavy on my heart.  God is doing something personally in my life and in my heart because of this storm.  I told my MOPS leadership team all about our house last night as we went around the table sharing prayer requests.  While this is real and it is happening to my house right NOW, other peoples homes just south of me are GONE.  Their roof leaked.  Their carpet was ruined.  Their couches got sheetrock on them.  But, not JUST LIKE MINE.  They can't just call the insurance today and have someone come give them a quote to get it all fixed so that they can move back in next week.  Or next month.  My heart is breaking as I asked people to pray for MY situation the SAME weekend that other people are probably like, "MAN! I wish I could live in your no ceiling, no floor living room!"  Therefore, none if this will I selfishly complain about.  My heart is so crushed for those people.  They are SWIMMING out of their homes, y'all!

 I told Craig that I wished we could have some evacuees come stay with us.  Or that we could DO something.  It is so hard to watch the news and not just want to get your hands in there to HELP.  To make them a warm meal.  Or give them a hot shower and warm clothes.  Or brush their little girls wet, dirty hair.  That may sound silly, but I am serious.  (Craig doesn't know this yet, but I have even considered giving them our living and dining furniture.  We have been forced in to remodel anyways, why not just get rid of the WHOLE living room. ;) )  I am chomping at the bit to do something.  And I feel helpless.  So,  I pray.  For the right person to meet the right person.  For the safety of those who were also chomping at the bit and WENT.  For provision of necessities.  For peace.  For HOPE, new friendships, and changed lives for the better.  This looks like an awful situation, but for someone, even just one, this could be an open door to a new life.  A healing of sorts.  A new road to freedom.

 Freedom gives us room for change.  WE are free to change.  To grow.  To learn. To change our minds and our ideas.  As I look back over this dusty blog, I can see ways that I have changed.  How my marriage has changed.  Our little family dynamics have changed.  I see all of that as freedom.  Freedom to know that it is OK.  Life changes you.  Hurricane Harvey is changing my heart as I sit here and stare at my house that seems to be in shambles.  While it's not fun, I just can NOT complain about this.  The Lord is expanding my heart, He is BEING my patience, He is BEING my love, He is BEING my Peace, He is BEING my joy.  Harvey has changed many people's lives and my prayer is that through this tragedy, they will experience freedom.  And that they can also experience the God who can also BE these things for them right now.

*For real, someone please tell me where I can drop off clothes, toys, food and maybe even furniture ;)  for one of these families that needs it.  Love you longtime.

PS, I have so much more on my mind that I would like to take time to put down in a blog post.  But, I'll save it.  Maybe I've started something back up. who knows?

PPS...My kids, you guys!  I bragged about how wonderful on our trip to Minnesota.  Stuck in a car ALL day, and they were wonderful . Then, they adjusted to each adventure we were on.  Each place they slept.  While it wasn't perfect, because life just isn't, it was pretty darn near close.  THEN, Y'ALL!  This past weekend.  I expected some bad behavior. Some meltdowns.  I mean, their house is not quite homey or what it once was, and they were AMAZING.  They really do look at this as an adventure I think.  I mean, a couch in the kitchen?!?!  Sugary snacks all day?!?! Extra ipad time?!?!? Hahahaha!  For real though.  Just a small gift from God this past weekend.  Reminding me that He cares for me, for them and for the 'small stuff'!

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