Let them be little

Let them be little


Teeth and Rain

Annabelle is getting 5 teeth on the top! Five! So, it's ben a little bit of an interesting week. Poor babe has had fevers, a small rash, and a little more tears. I feel for her. Luckily, she has been sleeping great, so that helps. It has taken her a super long time to get teeth, and now they all want to come at once. whew.

We haven't left the house since Tuesday morning when I took her to the doctor. (because of the strange rash) She was fine apparantly, which is good. It has been rainig for what feels like 4 days straight. It is much needed after the super duper dry summer we had, but, now its just boring. I have errands to run but not important enough to get a teething babe in and out of the car only to get wet. grrr. I am a little stir crazy. Because I am so unmotivated to do anything around here . My house could use a little TLC right now, but I am just not feelin it.

So, I promised some before and after pictures of the piece of furniture I painted for Annabelle's room. I finally got around to it!
This is the pic that was on Craigslist. I did not end up taking before pictures while in the process, which was silly. But, it was UGLY. And needed A LOT of work. I didnt realize how much work it needed till I got it home and started it. And yes, those are mirrors on the front. Gross.



The little detain on the doors.

These were the side tables turned into little shoe holders/benches by the front door! :)

My dad helped me so much, too. He wanted me to be able to do most of it myself cause he knew i wanted to. But, I could tell he knew somethings better than I did. Ha. His help was very welcomed! Did I mention that all 3 pieces were only $20!!! Plus a lot of time and paint. But, pretty worth it I think.

Look at this cute girl in her mini red wagon. Gosh, I love her.