Let them be little

Let them be little


October 11.

I am not too sure who all reads this, but I think that there are some mommas who also have young children with DS. I don't know a whole lot of other parents who have DS children, so when it comes to questions that I have, I either just figure it out, ask our therapists and doctors or try to read something. But, talking to another parent who has "been there, done that" is what I would most likely prefer to do first. Ya know?

Anyway, so I have some questions for any mommas who have "been there, done that" about feeding. Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't think so. Seems that typical children move to table foods quickly and also drink more than just milk, and from cups other than bottles. Annabelle is having issues with liquids, sippy cups and *most* table foods. She is only almost 18 months, and I really don't think she will be going to elementary school eating baby or pureed food and drinking from a bottle, so I am not yet concerned, but would love to see her eat and drink a more variety of things. She LOVES her bottle, and really only wants milk in that bottle. She chews on sippy cups, and yes, we have tried almost all of them. She doesn't particularly like anything else to drink except for milk. As for foods, she will eat anything from a jar, and most fruits and veggies as long as I puree them. She likes them all best if there is some kind of baby cereal mixed in them. You know, brown rice, oatmeal, grains. She will spit anything she does not like right in my face pretty much. She does really well with crackers, and almost any little Gerber snack.

I have been feeling guilty almost that there must be something that I as a mom am doing wrong. Or what am I NOT doing? What else should I try? I try new things with her all the time. Things as simple as making cream of wheat, and chopped up banana chunks. I tried a special thickener in her juice to see if that would help the sippy cup situation, too. So, what else can I do? Is it time to be concerned or should I just give her what I know she wants?

I can't write a post about things Annabelle can't do without saying things that she CAN! She has made great progress with mixed textures over the last few months, and will at least TRY almost anything at least once. She has learned the sign for EAT and is so super close to the sign for MILK! :)

She's the greatest. :)


  1. I don't know about DS, but I don't think Annabelle sounds too different from other kiddos. Caleb NEVER figured out how to use a sippy cup, and I'm still bemoaning the fact that he has no idea what to do with a straw (he's 22 months). Milk is still his favorite drink. And he's a stinker about texture too. Especially with meats. He didn't eat chicken until a few months ago. I think it's common for kids to be really picky about that stuff. I would say just keep offering her different textures. Maybe some day she'll decide that it's way more fun to stick solids in her mouth than to have you feed her with a spoon? Again, I don't know about DS. But I don't think those things sound too weird...
    You're doing a great job, Katie! And I LOVE reading about your sweet little girl!!!

  2. Christa, That makes me feel so much better. Since she is my first, I always wonder about small things being DS set back or just typical behavior. So thanks for your input!!!

  3. Katie, I hope you don't mind, I sent a link to your blog to my mom-in-law, who is a nurse with an early intervention program in the Central Valley of CA. She knows A LOT about child development, and I often point friends to her if they ever have questions. :)

    :) Rach