Let them be little

Let them be little


Pretty girl in the mirror

All of the appointments before vacation are over! Annabelle's ECHO appointment only ended up being an EKG and the cardiologist listening to her heart for a bit. She was so happy with the way she looked, that she didn't think we needed an ECHO that day. Good news. So, we will go back in 6 months and do it for sure. She was quite wiggly for the nurses. They were trying to hook up some wires and take her blood pressure, and mom and dad were doing their best to keep her still. I am wondering how this flight is going to go next week.

Maybe if we bring a mirror, she can entertain herself like this:


PS...Can NOT even wait to go to Minnesota next week. Even when life is not too stressful or busy, you can still feel like you NEED to get away on a vacation.

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