Let them be little

Let them be little


Adventures for this SAHM-This Week.

Not for a second to I take for granted that I am able to be a stay at home momma. It's not easy financially, but sacrifices are worth it. Every day I am so so thankful that the Lord has allowed this for us and our little family.

And, as you know being a SAHM has allowed me to become creative in areas that I NEVER knew existed, for me. SO fun. I have attempted to make some money on my coffee sleeves and hair bows, and have made a little. The truth is, when I make something, I really don't mind keeping it. I usually like it for us. So, if it doesn't sell, I am not to sad. ha. This week, I pulled out paintbrushes and also went back to my sewing machine that I have ignored for a couple months. I attempted to make SHOES. Little baby girl Mary Jane's. I didn't have a pattern when i first started, and just looked and measured a shoe that Annabelle had. It didn't work that great. Then, I found a free pattern and tried my best to follow it. As embarrassing as this is, I am going to post a picture.

As you can see, they aren't great. I cut the fabric differently, so one shoe has horizontal stripes, and the other not. Whoops. I am not sure I will have her wear them in public. I plan to keep trying and get better at them. Look out, TOMS.

THEN, yesterday, I decided to make a skirt. I didn't find a pattern online that I liked, so I just guessed. I measured a skirt of Annabelle's and did my best.

I like it. It's a little snug around that diaper booty, but I'll let her wear it as long as if fits for now. This also, I will keep trying at until I do one I love. :)

I went to Hobby Lobby and saw these plain white, wooden letters and remembered that I had seen them used as hair bow holders. So, I made one. I just painted the letter and glued on a hair bow as an accent.

I also attempted to both paint and antique some picture frames. Was going for the "Shabby Chic" look.

ALSO, being a SAHM has allowed me to take care of this after-baby-body. The beer, pizza and cookies don't help the mid-section, so I work out when I get the chance. One of my MOST FAVORITE things to do with Annabelle is taking her to the park for a jog. It's such a great time to allow me to think, and get Annabelle in some sunshine and fresh air. I have been on our trail enough times now, that I am beginning to see regulars. I smile and wave at the lady pushing the cutest little boy in her stroller. He always has his little green blanket shoved in his mouth. Its adorable. The older, grey heads on the trail are always super friendly and sometimes I think they want to have a conversation about how cute my daughter is. But I just smile and keep running. I also see those girls occasionally who are pushing their jogging strollers, and have makeup on and smell better than I do. I mean, they are cute, in their trendy work out clothes, but who puts on makeup and perfume to go workout? I just throw on sunglasses and hope that I don't run into someone I know. I guess I don't blame them. They look adorable and well put together. Maybe deep down I wouldn't mind looking so trendy on the jogging trail. Seriously though, the trail refreshes my soul. I so enjoy being out there. Whether I actually make it through my whole run, or run out of steam in the middle, I still feel good at the end.

Yesterday, I documented the run as I was realizing that it might be close to one of the last outdoor runs I will be doing before the nasty heat of the summer. Even last week, there was a day or two when I couldn't imagine running outside in the humidity. So, I took pictures during my 4 mile trek yesterday to remind myself that Texas IS beautiful. The jogging weather CAN be amazing. Come June, I will forget that. So, I'll share some for you to see, and for me to look back on a reminisce.

I do my best to make it to a 2 mile marker before turning around to go back. I stop at the marker, take a drink and chat with Peanut a second. She was fast asleep yesterday when I looked. Good thing since she had skipped her morning nap.

Pretty, huh? I am glad to be here:

So, naptime yesterday was a struggle. Annabelle thinks it is a lot more fun to sit up in her crib and play. I walked in a few times to see her sitting up. Its gosh darn cute right now, but it might not be so cute to me if she decides to do this daily. but, I caught a great picture of her when I walked in once.

I was having a hard time in the afternoon, which is usually her good, long nap. How long is too long to let your baby stay in their bed with out napping? How many times should I go in to lay her back down with her blanket and paci? I just wasn't sure. so, after about an hour (o gosh, is that too long?) I went in and got her up. She played for about 10 minutes before she was just super cranky. I kept her up for a bit, then put her back to try again, and she was out. Hmmm. Anyway, we will see how today goes.


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  1. I agree... SAHM is a wonderful thing... tough on the bank account but so wonderful!!
    As far as the sleeping... I would say as long as she's not screaming for the 1 hr I wouldn't worry about it. I would leave her... it's ok to have a quiet time too, even if she isn't sleeping.