Let them be little

Let them be little



Like my background? I have had it all week for my Birthday week! :) The week was MOSTLY uneventful, which I am not complaining about. Since this blog is supposed to be about Annabelle, I will talk about her first...
(If you dont want to hear about the icky poos of children, stop reading now.) Annabelle has spent the last 10 months of her life very healthy and well. She had a rough start to life, being in the NICU and all. But since, she hasnt really gotten sick. (knocking on wood). She also is not much of a crier or a fussy baby really at all. She is generally happy and content. I mean, of course, she has her moments where she is frustrated, uncomfortable, hungry, or just plain cranky, but generally just enjoys life and it's adventures. Adventures which are ALWAYS new to a child.

So, all this to say, when she does have moments when she is extra cranky or fussy, we usually know it means something must be wrong. I can read her cries (I think). About a week and a half ago, she was up quite a bit at night super fussy, and her cry sounded sad and uncomfortable. (Here's where the mommy, poopy talk comes in) She was trying to go and looked like she couldnt. That was the start of a week where she had NO problem going and actually, one day, i didnt think she would stop pooping. :( She had a little stomach "bug" or virus or something. we arent sure. She had no fever, and her days were very normal for her. she was not uncomfortable and played and acted like nothing was wrong. It was just momma who was on her toes to keep a NOSE out for any potty pants. It seems this week, her body turned on a clock that at 4:00 a.m. it was time for an icky poo. ha. she went back to sleep really well after being changed, so I am thankful for that. OK, anyway, one day, after seeing blood, I just got concerned that it had been over a week with unnatural poopy. We took her in, and then i got to do somehting I have never done, and collect some from diapers to bring back to the doctor's. ( we will have results next week to see if anything major was going on). It's funny how as SOON as you go to the doctor, things get better, and then there is no more concern. huh? seems like the day after the doctor visit, Annabelle was back to normal, once, maybe twice a day, normal looking diapers. But, I am glad I took her in, and now we will know if it was a bug or a virus, or a parasite. yikes.

Ya know, I dont think any of my readers will be at all interested in this post. Its not that exciting, and a little gross. So i am basically writing in my public journal for me to look back on someday. I like writing in here about things, simple or big. I will someday look back after these days are the past and remember specific feelings or thoughts in the mommyhood adventure. :) So, thanks for maybe "putting up with it".

ALSO, I have to remind myself of one milestone reached this week by my babe. She went from being on her hands and knees into sitting. Makes me so happy. of course, she has not done it since, but I saw it! And then she looked at me with confused eyes, when i leaped out of my seat and threw my hands in the air, saying, "Yay Annabelle!!!!" I get so excited when she meets goals. Our OT has been waning her to come into sitting on her own. Actually, I will boast a bit about how proud our OT was of her at the last visit. She was so impressed with how much stronger and independent Annabelle has gotten in just a month. I am with her every day so I might not see things that she sees. But, I remember when our goal was just to get her to lift up her head when she was on her tummy. We have come a long way. :)
( by the way, someone on FB was complaining this week about moms "bragging" about their children. It got under my skin a bit. I would like to say that I am proud to "BRAG" about my child, and I am also SO encouraged to hear other moms brag about their children. I dont actually see it as bragging. that is NOT the word I would use for it. I have been encouraged to see Mommy posts on facebook of milestones and goals reached. I have been encouraged to read blogs of both achievements and set backs. I have been encouraged to even read the major challenges that mommyhood carries. Sure, it may make us as moms feel bad when we see another child reach a milestone months, maybe years before our own child, but I want to be able to share in the joy with that mom. I have struggled with this myself in only the 10 months of Annabelle's life. Seeing other babies younger than her doing things that she is not. But, way to go, other mom. How fun for you. I dont think you are "bragging"! And, really, that's life. No one is exactly the same. Please, remind me of this someday when I might be discouraged about my own child.)

OK, ANYWAY!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! yep, today is my 28th birthday!! If this year is anything like this last year, then I know it will be amazing!!! :)

since yesterday was my husby's day off, he took me and Annabelle out for family day. Starting with breakfast at my fave breakfast place, and a chocolate chip pancake the size of the plate!!! :) It was a great day!


    And YES - ALWAYS talk A.K.A brag about your children! Don't let anyone discourage you from that! They are our pride and joy and our EVERYTHING! We only live on this earth one time. We want to embrace every moment we can, and if talking or bragging about it is one way to do so, than by goodness let's DO IT!! :D

  2. I've had to collect poopy samples on TWO different occassions. Lots of fun, especially when it's really runny. ANyway, both times, it was nothing for Caleb. And pretty much as soon as it went away, a couple of teeth sprouted. I know doctors don't usually think that's linked, but it has seemed to be with Caleb. So...check that little girl's mouth! Maybe she's been working on pushing something through on that end too! :) :)

  3. Hi Katie! You don't know me so I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog! I came across your blog through a friend of a friends' blog. When I saw that it's about your baby girl Annabelle, I was interested because my baby girl is Anibella & she is 16 months old! I haven't seen or heard of another baby with a name even similar to my baby's so I got excited! : ) I was like, "oh yay, she loves the name just like I do!" haha! Anyway, I just really wanted to tell you that I totally agree with you that Mommy's should enjoy & delight in "sharing/talking/bragging" (or whatever people call it!) about their little ones! Our baby's are our precious little treasures & it's sweet to want to talk about them! I think it helps Mommy's to hear what other Mommy's lives are like & to just be able to be happy about their children with them! Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! : )