Let them be little

Let them be little


Thankful For's

While sitting around the dinner table during a Christmas meal with Craig's family, we were asked to tell our "Thankful for's". Since we missed Thanksgiving together, Christmas was a good time to do that. I love it. It's one of my favorite things to share what we are thankful for, especially as a family. I want to do it all the time, and as my children are growing up, I want it to be a topic of discussion at our dinner table almost daily. No matter how bad a day is, I want to think of ONE thing I/we can be thankful for.

So, when we were asked this, I got excited. To hear what everyone had to say, and to be able to speak out loud, what i THINK every day! ya know? I am the MOST THANKFUL I have ever been in my whole life. Every day I am overwhelmed with the Lord's blessings in my life. I knew right away, when it was my turn to speak at the table, I just might start crying. (i guess i dont take thankfulness lightly). So, to possibly avoid crying, i swallowed my lump and said, "Annabelle", and "health". It's true, two things I am incredibly thankful for every day. But, I didnt want to say much more, so I wouldnt be the only one crying. Welp, that didnt work. I did end up being the only one to get emotional. Leave it to me. o well. I was emotional, because those moments, that moment at the Schmidt dinner table, i was overwhelmed with the Lord's love. God's amazing grace in my life. I couldnt think of anything I was NOT thankful for. (except maybe being 1300 miles away from that wonderful family.)

When I am appreciative of someone in my life, I find it hard to tell them in words. I wish people knew sometimes just HOW much I appreciate them. I feel that way with God. I want Him to know how blessed I KNOW that I am. Of course He does, because He knows my heart more than I do. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for my life.

ok, so on another note, i have found a fun new way to make some extra cash moneys. COFFEE SLEEVES! So fun. I like to accessorize, you know that if you know me. And, now I get to accessorize my "2 pump Gingerbread lette" cup. :) Once I have more, I will add them to etsy. But, they are selling as quick as I am making them right now. One more thing to be thankful for!

I also just learned another fun thing to do. Making wrap bracelets. They are time consuming, and detailed work. But, maybe I will sell them, too. who knows. HERE is a site that has started this new trend. I will NOT be selling them for as much as she does though.
My incredibly talented momma is teaching me the art of wrap bracelets. she made some for us sisters for Christmas, and i wear it all the time.

happy thursday!!!
*Annabelle has an appointment tomorrow for an ECHO. Please keep us in prayers. I have a hard time going back to the place she spent a week after birth. Every appointment there gets my stomach in knots. BUT, she has been so healthy, so, again, SO THANKFUL!!

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  1. Katie!

    You are sooo crafty :-) Wish you'd move back to MN to teach me a thing or two about sewing. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know we miss you and Craig! Hope you are able to come up again soon, and even if Chris isn't here let's still hang out!

    love love love,