Let them be little

Let them be little


Minnesota vs. Texas

So I lived in Minnesota for like 3 years. I experienced weather that I had not seen or even immagined. Snow was awesome for the first maybe 2 months, then after that I really hated it. But, I waited for that snow day where things were cancelled, and you had the perfect excuse to stay inside ALL day! I never got my snow day from work. THAT I waited for the most. But, I dont recall it ever happening. I mean, we would get what seemed like TONS of snow, but not 20 inches in a day! Which is what happened yesterday, so I am told. While the Twin Cities had a great excuse to stay inside, I was out having a garage sale, slowly taking layers off as the morning warmed up. I am a little jealous of all that snow. There is something SO PEACEFUL about all that snow. Its beautiful and when you step outside, it seems like the world has gotten quiet. Not an eerie quiet, and calming quiet. I also love when the sun shines on the snow, and it looks like someone sprinkled glitter all over everything. I am pretty excited to see this snow-in a little over a week! And, while the Twin Cities also gets to stay inside today, and not feel bad about being so lazy, I went for a jog. And saw someone playing outside in shorts. ( I feel its too chilly for shorts, but whatev.) That's the difference between my two states today. I am a little sad that the Vikings game was cancelled. I was looking forward to it. But, I understand, Minnesota.

Hope you all had a great week! Happy Sunday!

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