Let them be little

Let them be little


Ten Wednesday Randoms

1. It feels like a Sunday again, cause Craig is home. He did not get scheduled for jobs,which is bittersweet. sweet for me and peanut so we can hang out with him. sweet for him cause he gets a day off, and its icky cold and rainy out. bitter, only cause no work=no dollars for the day. we dont mind. ;)

2. Annabelle tried to take a nap after she nursed earlier. she was quickly woken up by her daddy hollering across the house to ask me a question. (he did not know she was snoozin). So, therefore, she has not had her afternoon nap, and is chillin on my lap as I am writing this post. I love it.

3. I am skipping a work out today to lazily watch movies with Craig, and bake AND eat cookies. not a healthy trade, but a darn good one.

4. I am loving this weather, although icky and grey. It inspired me to light a candle that smells like cinnamon rolls baking, which makes me think of fall. Fall which makes me think of Holidays. Holidays which makes me think of Christmas. I cant wait to be with family in Minnesota. Christmas which makes me think of an item on my Dear Santa list....

I want to make Annabelle's food more often than buying it. Then I know whats in it. This just looks awesome.

6. I am proud of my sister, Rachel. I love her and miss her.

7. I am looking forward to tomorrow evening when my sister in law Tina comes to town. On Friday we will be celebrating her birthday by spending the day in the beautiful hill country, sipping wine and microbrews! I cant wait.
An old pic of us. Im sorry, Tina, i dont know whats on your head, but i like this pic of us. :)

8. Because of elections yesterday, I will share some thoughts. I am not someone is into politics much. I mean, I care about our country A LOT!! I know what I think and believe but don't know enough to have a good conversation with you about it. Im simple, here it is...a.) I dont believe in abortion. (period) b.) I think we should have the freedom to do with our money as we please, and that we should work hard for our money. c.)I respect our country and I find it hard to respect someone who does not respect our country. d.) I respect those who have fought SO hard and died for our FREEDOM. I am sad to see some freedoms slipping away. ONE MORE...e.) *MORALS*. I think there is a right and wrong.

9. I'm terrible at laundry. I mean, i am good at getting it into the washer, then in the dryer, but from there is another story. I gotta work on that.

10. I like Wednesdays cause Modern Family is on, and Storm Chasers, and one other show that I will not admit that I watch.

Annabelle is now getting fussy. She needs her afternoon nap...off i go....

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