Let them be little

Let them be little


Inventory=Christmas Money?

Taking pride in this work here, friends. I have had the opportunity to sell some of my creations. Some of my hairbows have been shipped to Minnesota to be sold in a craft fair, and maybe in a sweet little hair salon that my mother in law runs. Some more will be sent to Houston for a good friend of mine to sell some in another craft show. Therefore, I have been taking inventory of these sweet pretties. While going through them, I realized just how many I want to KEEP for Annabelle. But, I have thrown those cutesy ones in the box, knowing I can just make her more. I am really crossing my fingers and toes that SOME of them sell. Christmas money would be pretty fantastic. I cant stop thinking about how excited I am for Christmas, as I sit here listening to 'Swingin Christmas' on Pandora, and drink coffee in my cozy white robe, that says PINK on the back in rhinestones.
So, anyways, Picture overload here, hope you dont mind!!!! I wanted to post some of my latest creations. Opinions and critiques are welcome here. (Please contact me if you would like to buy some. they will make great gifts. I have lots more, and would be happy to take orders. )

Anyway, there's my plug for the day. This week has gone by pretty gosh darn slow to me. The overall mood makes me think of a greyish-purple. Not sad, not depressed, but very calm and steady, like a straight line. My mind has been filled with thoughts of life and family and motherly things. I desire for Christ to be center of everything I do. I desire for my days to go the way He would like them to. I was convicted this week about how LITTLE I pray for people I love. I mean, I pray all day it seems like, just randomly having a small conversation with God about SOMETHING. But, I never really sit down and think of those I love, and PRAY for them. I think about them, I talk about them, I love them, why dont I think to pray? So, I am now asking that God brings it to my mind to really talk to him about people, and specifically talk about them, not just , 'Please help this person'. I also had a random thought the other day. Did Jesus get ANNOYED? We know he got angry at times, for good reason, but ANNOYED? Did He ever dodge someone in a crowd, or want to get out of a conversation that was driving Him crazy? I asked Craig this the other day. (I ask Craig pretty much anything that is on my mind, thinking he has ALL answers) He had a great response. and, now, I dont remember what exactly his response was. Basically he was saying how Christ's mind is not like ours. His was without sin. So, his daily life, and socialization was a whole lot different than ours. But, I feel like I cant help it when someone annoys me. I still just wonder what He did if someone was talking to Him, and they were just being annoying. I guess its true, Jesus thinks differently about people than we do. So, I wish I could think that way too. O man, sorry for this ramble, I am basically just typing as I am thinking.

I may say this every time I am posting, but I can hear Annabelle waking up. I often only have a chance to post if she is napping. And, often her naps are pretty short in the morning, so I take the chance when I get it. She is so amazing. She is turing into such a little girl. We have been working with her a lot lately to be sitting alone and to start crawling. She wants to do both SO bad, but not quite there. I try not to get jealous of the babies who are her age, and a bit ahead of her in these milestones. She will do it. I dont want to push, I just want to help. One thing is for sure, I want to soak in every single moment of this baby stage. She is growing so fast. 7 months has flown. I don't want to wish for the next stage, at all! But, enjoy today for what it has with her. And I AM! Oh so much!


  1. Hey Katie, this is Mary Beaver(Russo's sister). Rachel had shown me pictures of Annabelle on your blog and so I figured that I would stay tuned for more cuteness! You are officially on my feed and although I won't have time to read your blogs just know that I will be admiring Annabelle's adorability from afar! Thank you so much for the cute bows that you sent for Julia! All of your bows are awesome! I asked Rach if you had a website so I could mention it on my blog but she said no. Let me know if you get one!

  2. I love your realness Katie! Very refreshing!!

  3. Your bows are so cute! I wish I had a little girl so I could make her wear them. :)

    I think that Christ, being without sin, had the gift (for lack of a better word) of being able to see past the words or sound of a voice, and probably not even notice the annoyingness. He probably saw the person's needs and heard the pain in a voice. Wish I could ignore my own selfish pet peeves and just love people!

    And, about what you said about praying, while I agree with you about needing to really pray more for people, other than "please help, please give", I think the constant conversation is such an important part of our relationship with Him. :)

  4. LOVE the bows! Nice job!!!

    I hear you on wondering if Jesus was ever annoyed! Today I found myself wondering if it's ever ok to run people over in a parking lot if they are just plain being stupid. Hm. I DO think Jesus was faced with all the temptations we are faced with. Maybe finding people annoying comes from pride, thinking we're better than them? It's hard to picture what it looked like for Jesus to be tempted but without sin. I suppose even if he was tempted to be annoyed, he was able to see people for what they are...God's creation, made in his image. So maybe that made him more easily able to accept annoying people. Or maybe that made him realize that EVERYONE is annoying, cause all people have sin in their hearts! Good thoughts, Katie. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Hi Katie,

    I read your blog from time to time and have been inspired by your little girl and the relationship you have with her.

    My older two kids didn't even think about crawling until about 9 months, so Anabelle is doing wonderfully! I also have a little son who would have been 7 months, but he died during birth. I've read as Anabelle's journey has begun and look with wonder at the joy she is to you all!

    Many blessings,