Let them be little

Let them be little


blackbird singin...

I have been seriously wasting some time on this computer this morning, and I am sorta loving it. I cant seem to get off because Pandora Radio (Bon Iver) is being really good to me. Every song has been good, and so i dont want to get up. I posted a few Craig's List sales. Uploaded pics to facebook from our trip to see some family the other day. A great trip to celebrate my grandma's birthday, and eat a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner. I love my family.

Not too much on the agenda here today. My mom and sister have the whole week off, which makes me SO happy. I will be a bit less bored this week. :) I love hanging out with them. They are my best friends. call me cheesy. they are. I am pretty excited about this last month of the year 2010. There will be some exciting things happening. ;) And a trip to MN that i am SO looking forward to.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Thanks for reading such randomness.

AND...... ANOTHER, yes, ANOTHER giveaway to enter from TVP. I will forever keep trying.

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