Let them be little

Let them be little


18 days old

Life of Annabelle at 18 days old...
-She finally lost her cord stump 2 days ago. No, i did not keep it, it looked like a giant scab.
-She has progressed in the nursing area SO MUCH! I am so proud of her. She does not fight me like she did before. She still LOVES that bottle though. (I do have to give her her vitamins in a bottle) So, we will allow her some bottles every now and then to make her extra happy!
- I THINK she is figuring out day and night. is that possible? She is much more alert these days, and does GREAT at sleeping during the night. O, Lord, Please let this continue.
- She melts in her daddy's arms.
- She is getting a whole lot better at tummy time, with her neck control and all. We are proud of her. She is feisty!
- She makes lots of noises. really cute noises. AND, she is learning that sassy whine, too. but, i still think that is cute too.
- She enjoys us singing to her.
- she discovered her little thumb to suck. she doesnt do it often, but its so cute.
- She was wide-eyed this morning as I folded her little hands to pray for our day.

GOSH, I LOVE HER! I want to enjoy every moment.


  1. So sweet, Katie! I love hearing about her!

  2. Katie (and Craig!) What JOY to read your blog about your precious baby Annabelle. What Joy this brought me, on my birthday, to read about how God blessed you with new life, fresh from the hand of God. I LOVED reading about HER birthday, and the days before and after. *Sigh* I cried my way through. I LOVED your honesty Katie and to hear and feel the DEEP DEEP LOVE you both have for your darling peanut is so dear, precious and refreshing. Thankyou for posting your miracle. I love you all, Aunt Julie

  3. So glad to hear she is nursing better for you! And love hearing of all she is doing, how fun!! It's amazing how quickly they learn and take on their own personality! Have fun!