Let them be little

Let them be little


One Week

I love this life...

Our little princess was one week old yesterday!  Only one week, and I feel like she has always been a part of our lives. I can't imagine our little family without this perfect addition.  We had a really great first week with her.  Craig was able to take a whole lot of time off of work, which helped me out so much.  I loved being able to sleep a little later (since I was up numerous times at night) and wake up to hot coffee.  All four of us enjoyed getting to know our little Skylar.

Here's a couple of pics....

Skylar is wearing a little outfit that I loved on Annabelle.  It is going to be so much fun to see her wearing things that I remember Annabelle wearing.
Like this outfit... One of the first cute outfits Annabelle ever wore.  This was at Skylar's two day doctor check up.  

A little smirk in her sleep...

My most favorite picture EVER!!!  I love these three kiddos so so so much!

Carter adores his sister.  I knew he would.

I LOVE a swaddled baby.  This one does not love to be swaddled.  She tugs and fights until she can pull an arm, or just a hand, out of her blanket.
Sweet little buddies.  This is Maxine, Skylar's cousin.  Almost four months older.  They grow so fast!!

More sleepy smirks...
Her hair looks wavy/curly when it is all wet. I would love to see one of my kiddos with some little natural curls.  

I wondered how the kids would adjust to having a new baby around here.  I worried mostly about Carter because of his personality. I did think and  he would get jealous and possibly a little clingy.  I figured Annabelle would be fine.  For the first few days, that wasn't the case.  It was opposite.  Annabelle had a couple rough days.  She was very disobedient and seemed to cry a lot more than normal.  We actually wondered if she just wasn't feeling well.  Her teacher at school even asked if she had been acting out a little bit.  She seems ok now, and we will be keeping an extra eye on her behavior so that we can be more sensitive to however she may be feeling.  She can not express her feelings to us, so that makes it even harder.  
Carter had done GREAT!  He adores his baby sister so much.  He asks to hold her and he calls her "Sweet heart".  Sounds like he is saying, "Sweet Tart".  So adorable.  He is so precious and tender hearted.  I am so glad that I decided to keep him home with me this semester so that he can get lots of my attention, too.  :)

We are so grateful for our little Skylar Faith.  I love her so much.  I can not believe that my heart grew so much.  It might explode. My heart grew with love for a new child, but also for my man.  He is such a sweet daddy to his babies.  I LOVE seeing him with them when they are tiny.  These little ones are always so comforted by his voice, and they look so content in his strong arms.  An amazing relationship forming at an early age.  :)

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