Let them be little

Let them be little


The weekend.

 This past weekend was so super fun.  A couple of my sweet friends threw me a little shower at an adorable coffee shop.  It meant so so much to me that they did this for me and my little boy.  They have no idea how blessed I felt.  We had a great time, and everything was super duper cowboy cute! 
Check out this perfectly cute Cowboy diaper cake. 

Me and my mommma
 My sweet sweet hostesses.
 My sisters and my momma

Later that evening, we had a little family reunion with some of my mom's side of the fam. It was awesome to see aunts, uncles, cousins that I haven't seen in a while. 
The group:
 Annabelle got plenty of lovin'.  She loves her uncle Jordan.
 And Uncle Buddy captured her heart and she captured his!  It was so sweet. 

Today has been a catch up day on laundry and a couple projects around here that needed to get done.  I feel like the "nesting" stage has been very random.  Some days I will look around and care less about what the house looks like, then today I woke up and cleaned things that I haven't cleaned in probably over 6 months.  I've been organizing, and scrubbing what I can.  But, trying to actually KEEP things clean is almost impossible if you live with a two year old.  :)

I can't believe how close we are to meeting this little boy.  I for sure was convinced that I would NOT make it to August, much less to my actual due date.  That means, in the next 8 days, baby needs to make an appearance.  I feel no real signs of labor being close, so who knows.  My last doctor's appointment on Friday, I was 2 cm and still only 50% effaced.  Which I hear means almost nothing.  But, I am hopeful for a July baby, and will do my best to not be disappointed if he is later than I have expected.  God knows when he needs to come, and what is best for him.  I am nervous about him getting any bigger than he is right now.  My body hurts when he barely moves.  I'm still feeling very uncomfortable but it has gotten to a point where it just feels normal to always be this uncomfortable. 

Hoping THIS is the week!  ;)

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