Let them be little

Let them be little


The Weekend

This has been a great weekend. I never want weekends to end. Friday was such a fun day, spent in the Hill Country with Craig, Tina and my sister lisa. We celebrated Tina's birthday about a month early, but I am glad we got to celebrate somehow with her! We went to a couple wineries, my favorite restaurant and even made a stop in Luckenbach! It was SUCH a fun day. I had planned on taking Annabelle with us, but my mom had taken the day off, and said she would love to watch her all day. I am not YET feeling like I need a day's break from baby, so I for sure missed her all day. At the same time, it was a needed adult only day.

Yesterday...a little girly time doing nails and watching Twilight. :)

Today...a REALLY great message from Charles Stanley. Some mimosas with Tina. You've Got Mail as our morning movie. Bow making. Vikings won! And, now I am working on a wine cork board. I bought an old picture frame a garage sale for like 10cents, a board to cover the back of it at Home Depot, and have saved tons of corks from wine bottles. I did not have nearly enough for the big frame i got, so when we were at wineries the other day, i collected some. I have just enough, and i cant wait for it to be done. Will post a pic. :)

Off to enjoy what's left of the day....

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